WindGear by Joern Heinrich, mechanical selfsteering for sail yachts
In Memoriam Walt Murray

Walt Murray died in spring 2006. I still had some e-mail exchange with him in February 2006, where he gave me the placet to write a detailed construction instruction booklet in german language basically based on his plywood design and plans. On my question, if he wanted some license fees, if I would sell that 80 pages - 70 pics and drawings booklet, his answer was:

"No, I don't want money, you may make a bit of money out of it, as long as I am mentionned as the origin of the design."

Walt Murray exchanged hundreds of mails with Jan Alkema, which resulted in different ingenious solutions for the dy-construction of windvanes. Walt Murray took over the work to draw the principles dicussed between them, to build simple but working prototypes to test them, and to publish it in the internet. Jan Alkema is just writing a book on windvanes, and I am keen to buy it, when it appears. Since 20.12.2010 I noticed Walt Murrays web pages having died also:
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Walt Murrays credo was: "You can build one too". And I feel the strong obligation to keep all his drawings available in the internet, since my work on vanes started with his plans. That is why I decided to keep his web page content online - which I was lucky to find on an old security backup of my (former) computer's harddisk from 2007. Since it is too much work to reorganize all his links and rebuild his complete pages, I decided to put his content into a zip for download - which causes the least traffic for my page.

PLEASE NOTE:The copyright of the zipped Walt Murray web pages belongs to the family of Walt Murray - but I guess, it is in his sense, that his work shall be not forgotten so quickly, and still after his web pages disappearence, others can share the "Murray experience": You can build one too.

Joern Heinrich, Dec. 23th, 2010

Download the zipped Walt Murray webpage here (3,6 MBytes), unzip it on your computer and open the htm - files with a double-click.

The links to the photos in the htm-pages have been localized, so that you can view/print all with your browser.

You can build one too...:

Download Walt Murray Web 3,6 MBytes (Zipped with Windows XP)

Download Walt Murray Web pages.7z 3,6 MBytes (Zipped with 7-ZIP)

A certain amount of photos have not been available anymore already at the time when I made the website copy in 2007:

That time a break of the web page download occured, possibly because of traffic limit, which however is not critical at all, since nearly all of his drawings have been saved.

What I found by comparision with google cache still is lacking, are two pages, one of them the advanced2 page, and another one with "more ideas"...

If somebody can provide that, I will include it in the download.